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Whole Foods Gluten-Free Bakehouse employee Janet Redding discusses with gluten-free activist and cookbook author Jules Shepard the nuances of baking 180 sheet cakes that will be assembled into a one-ton,. Chelsea Clinton's wedding cake was baked without gluten, and grocery store shelves are increasingly stacked with gluten-free pasta, , crackers, cereals and beer. Why is gluten-free now the \"it\" diet? For people with celiac disease, taking gluten off. You can use a mix of grains and flours to make them, including gluten-free varieties like millet, buckwheat and rice flours, and top them with any number of seeds, herbs or spices. They're quick to mix together and very easy to roll out. By Dominique Fong, The Oregonian View full sizeBRENT WOJAHN/The OregonianThree generations of Henry women (from left) Kaila Feves; her grandma, Ethel Henry; and her mother, Jodi Henry-Petty are allergic to gluten and other products.. It seems that more and more folks are going gluten-free these days. Whether you think you might have a gluten sensitivity or if you're one of the 3 million Americans diagnosed with celiac disease, an autoimmune form of gluten. I have been passionate about celiac disease and the gluten free diet ever since. Now my brother was just diagnosed and during the 2008-2009 school year my husband and I took in a Norwegian exchange student with celiac disease.. If you want to be the best AND coolest husband on Mother's Day, offer to make a gluten-free brunch. If you are not in the know, here's the skinny: Gluten-free is something some people actually need. For people with celiac disease, taking gluten off the. PETALUMA, Calif., May 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- May is national Celiac Disease Awareness Month, and for those living with this condition, the market can be a daunting place with hours spent reading labels to avoid gluten. Gluten is an ingredient commonly. Eddie V's Prime Seafood Dallas is the latest high profile restaurant to offer gluten-free items on the menu for the rising number of patrons who need or prefer a gluten-free diet. The timing couldn't be better, with May being Celiac Disease Awareness. \"By the Way Bakery\"making sure locals with gluten allergies never have to skip dessert again. By Lizzie Hedrick | Email the author | 1:50pm Hastings resident Helene Godin quit her longtime career as a successful attorney about a year ago with no set.


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