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HERMAN CAIN, FORMER RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: The immigration issue in America is not one problem. It's four problems. It's securing the border, enforcing the laws that are there, promoting the path to citizenship that we already have.. Herman Cain speaks at a Tea Party tax day rally April 15, 2011 outside the Statehouse in Concord, New Hampshire. Cain is a former Atlanta talk show host and businessman testing a possible presidential run with appearances in Iowa and New Hampshire.. If you haven't heard of Herman Cain, affectionately self-dubbed The Hermanator, your vote in the 2012 presidential election could still be entirely valuable, but you are missing out on all the broad assumptions, heedless criticisms, and unfiltered. YES HE CAIN. A focus group conducted by Republican pollster Frank Luntz after last night's first Republican presidential debate in South Carolina gave the clear win to political newcomer Herman Cain. Reporting the results on Fox, Luntz said he has. dabbled in Republican presidential politics on Friday, seeming to allude to Herman Cain, the longshot Republican presidential candidate who was formerly CEO of Godfather's Pizza, as the winner of last night's first primary debate.. Trump's candidacy message may fall on deaf ears among African Americans, but Herman Cain represents the kind of American success bona fides the Little Ladies might like to hire in Obama's place. There is no question that Cain's one of us.. Thursday night's GOP debate between Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, and Gary Johnson showcased the anti-gay politics of the GOP, but especially of Rick Santorum. While it took almost an hour for the. Johnson, Herman Cain, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul all answered questions in South Carolina Thursday night. Topics covered everything from immigration to drug legalization. When questioned about pulling troops out of Afghanistan,. Ron Paul wins first debate, Herman Cain comes in second Following the first in the nation GOP presidential primary debate on May 5th, 2011, WEPOLLS.COM is ready to declare Texas Congressman RON PAUL the winner of the contest. In a polling sample of 380. It featured five second-tier candidates and the news is that former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty didn't lose and that Herman Cain, the Georgia political figure, motivational speaker and former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, may have won..


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