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You're totally going with a Malinois! Unless you're awesome and like little, foo-foo doggies like me. Hey, they may not be able to capture enemies, but they're cuddly as all hell. What do you think of Belgian Malinoises at war? doesn't appear to be a German shepherd or Belgian Malinois, the dogs usually favored by the military. But he's tough. \"Bit the s@#t out of Bin Laden\" is how the \"dog\" describes himself. The first tweet went up in the late hours Thursday night: \"To be. Lil' Swoop is Belgian Malinois by breed and his job is to sniff out landmines. - Last year, fifth and sixth grade students from Wister Elementary adopted the shepherd that was trained, courtesy of Christina and Jeffrey Lurie and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Belgian Malinois breed of dog is enjoying renewed interest thanks to its reported use in the military raid that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden. Like its German Shepard cousin, the Belgian Malinois is commonly used in police and military. Lily, the adorable brown and tan Belgian Malinois, apparently didn't like women. Athena, a stray dog, was found on a base in... View Full Size Athena, a stray dog, was found on a base in Kunar province in Afghanistan and adopted by US soldiers. Military Working Dogs -- MWDs -- as these animals are officially known, tend to be either German shepherds or Belgian Malinois. These breeds boast the best combination of desired canine attributes: good noses, strength, size, speed, endurance and. Whereas Thor, a Belgian Malinois, is the smallest at 65 pounds, Sirt is a 110-pound giant of a German Shepherd. A representative from the Sacramento-area company that produced the vests provided two on-site fittings after the dogs received them a few. As the clamour for answers over the shooting of Osama bin Laden grows, one unexpected mystery is emerging from the fog of war: was the 80th member of the elite commando squad a German Shepherd or a Belgian Malinois? And was it decked out in its tan or. The inspectors did seven hours of testing, the news release says, and the dogs -- of the Belgian Malinois breed -- \"exhibited excellent obedience and control skills.\" In a prepared statement, Serpas said: \"Mayor Landrieu and I take the Department of. (PHOTO: Rebecca Frankel) A Belgian Malinois? Maybe. A German Shepherd? Possibly. But regardless of breed, the four-legged hero and source of intense public interest might well be called, Double-O-Dog. Like the fictional 007, the mysterious agent came.


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