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Sony's popular online gaming portal, PlayStation Network, was shut down a few weeks ago after the company recognized that the security of 77 million users' personal information had been compromised. I guess in hindsight it's a good thing my PS3 was put. Sony disclosed on April 26 that thieves had stolen account information of up to 77 million users on the PlayStation Network and Qriocity. A week later, the company admitted on May 2 that the Sony Online Entertainment gaming service had also been. Sony Online Entertainment promised back in April that it would \"make good\" for all the DC Universe Online downtime resulting from the PlayStation Network/SOE security breach. At the time, the bone-throwing was slated to begin on April 30 and although. Another item topping our news this week is the Playstation Network that is this week beginning to come back online. Ten days after the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services were taken offline, Sony executives including the head of its gaming. Just short of 2 weeks ago the Playstation network was taken offline by Sony because cyber terrorists had gained access to crucial information stored on the server. A few days after the attack, (which is way too long in my opinion) Sony released that. We know that the PlayStation Network and Qriocity outage has been frustrating for you. We know you are upset, and so we are taking steps to make our services safer and more secure than ever before. We sincerely regret any inconvenience or concern this. And can't go into bigger games -- 32-person online games, Smith said. Smith blames the problem for the drastic drop in new PlayStation game sales. \"SOCOM 4 came out basically two days or day before the whole PlayStation network went down.. While many customers have expressed outrage over the hacking in online forums, Sony's internal research says nine out of 10 users will return to the PlayStation Network once it goes back into service. If true, that would limit any damage to an area. Reportedly, the network was suppose to be back online May 4th, 2011, but further complications have delayed the operations of the Playstation Network and Qriocity services. For their customers, the Playstation Network is already offering 30 days of. Sony will also be offering a \"Welcome Back\" package to its customers \"once [their] PlayStation Network and Qriocity services are up and running,\" one which will include a month of free PlayStation Plus membership for all PSN customers,.


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