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So wrote Oscar Wilde, years before Mother's Day even existed, before anyone would have thought that you needed to rush out of the office during your lunch hour hunting for edible flowers or risk incurring the Wrath of the Universe.. But let's be grateful as well that the life of a 17th-century mother can open up before our imaginations. We can read the inventory of Margrieta van Varick as a matter-of-fact list of old possessions -- or as a kind of Mother's Day card from three. American Greetings, Swift and Cover Girl have teamed up to host a contest tie-in with the singer's line of mother's day cards, which asks fans to share their best day Mother's Day memories. Winners, chosen at random, will receive select prizes. by RTT. So while you're feverishly shopping for that perfect gift or the card with just the right sentiment, remember that your mom (or the mother of your children) might just want a day off. Whether you don an apron and chef's hat or act as chauffeur to a. If you are giving your mom a gift card or gift certificate for Mother's Day, here are a few tips. Choose a business that she already frequents or really wished she could if she had the extra cash to splurge. Once you have decided on a store you think. On occasions like this, I also think about the mothers and their children torn apart by tragedy -- homicide, in particular. I imagine the broken hearts of those mothers whose murdered children will never again buy them a Mother's Day card,. Ah, yes, mix in beautiful flowers, meaningful pieces of jewelry and gift cards to Marshall's, and once again, Mother's Day has arrived. If you're more of a last-minute guy or gal that hasn't had the chance to do much planning yet on how you can. I tend to tell it again and again each Mother's Day. (And this is retold with my son's permission He's now 19 and agrees this is still the best. story. ever.). At this time of year, I always remember a handwritten card my son made for me when he was. While shopping in a local supermarket yesterday, customers expressed shock that Mother's Day is this weekend. They grabbed gift cards and greeting cards in effort to let the special women in their lives know. Kids in toe, we'll pick up cards and jewelry, flowers, and, of course, chocolate. Always chocolate. Honoring our mother's is a great and grand tradition-but can you imagine spending Mother's Day in a children's hospital, waiting for your child to heal?.


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