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Also, one line in this trailer does NOT appear in the movie. Don't you hate that? Check out the THOR trailer; see the movie and CAPTAIN AMERICA will be here before you know it! By Steven Lebowitz. Lucky members of the comics community who made it out to early screenings of \"Thor\" continued to tweet about it this morning. Cameos were the popular topic of the day, though artist Paul Azaceta voiced one major complaint. Another film jumped into. Relativity Media has released a new production still from the upcoming swords and sandals film Immortals and confirmed it's first trailer, which premiered several weeks ago, is attached to Thor's theatrical release.. Iron Man wasn't all that well-known either, of course, but being played by Robert Downey allowed the filmmakers to cut some funny, exciting trailers, whereas Thor is played by more of a generic himbo (albeit, like most superheroes these days,. We have a couple of launch trailers for Thor: God of Thunder for you to take a look at today. First up we will show you the launch trailer for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Stay tuned after that video as we will be bringing you the launch trailer for the. And with all due respect to the man who gave us Hannibal Lecter, the first time Anthony Hopkins popped up in a Thor trailer in his golden god-king headgear, it was hard to stifle laughter. But the most recent Thor trailer looks pretty cool,. In theaters everywhere, read our review and watch the trailer Mel Gibson stars as a man who tries to pull himself out of a deep depression by communicating with the world via a beaver hand puppet in this darkly comic drama. In limited release, read our. . though, calling Thor a placeholder for the eventual Avengers flick, but not much more. While none of the early reviewers outright disliked the film, TONY seems to have come close. Check out the trailer below and decide for yourself it Thor is worth. Oh, and there's some new footage of Heimdall and Odin in the mix, too and more from Thor's battle with Loki. It's not long now 'til the god of thunder makes his big-screen debut! Let us know what you think of the new \"Thor\" trailer in the comment. My Dog Tulip - review and trailer My Dog Tulip Christopher Plummer narrates this deeply moving animated feature about an elderly 'confirmed bachelor'... > Kenneth Branagh's Thor - review and trailer Thor Of all Marvel's colourful characters, Thor a.


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