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A \"comedy\" about what happens when two beautiful and successful people wish to marry, despite their families being from different tax brackets, Jump the Broom is as dramatically exciting as the reading aloud of a prenuptial agreement.. You expect that a movie like Jumping the Broom will probably end with everyone getting along, but it's a shame that it takes God's Plans to get there. While Jumping the Broom fumbles some of its attempts at class-consciousness, it at least raises the. Thor suffers from a lack of such vision: All of the expository dots are dutifully connected, but by the time we're ready for the movie to really kick into high gear, it's suddenly over. I suppose a sequel could handle the overreach, but considering the. Paula Patton, left, and Meagan Good pose at the premiere of their movie, Jumping The Broom, on Wednesday in Los Angeles. The movie opens Friday. The male leads for Jumping the Broom, Pooch Hall, left, Laz Alonso, Romeo Miller and Mike Epps gather for a. NEW YORK (CBS 2) There are some interesting choices at the box office this weekend. A controversial Oscar-winner makes his return to the big screen, a couple of romantic comedies, and the latest Marvel Comics superhero is here.. By PLACER COUNTY ONLINE Critics are giving 'Jumping the Broom' two thumbs up. The movie opens in Placer County today. (Courtesy photo) Synopsis: A collision of worlds when two African-American families from divergent socioeconomic backgrounds get. But not all wedding movies are steeped in the worst rom-com clichs. Some have brains and wit and even a bit of innovation. So with \"Something Borrowed\" and \"Jumping the Broom\" opening this week and \"Bridesmaids\" coming out next week, here are five. \"Jumping the Broom\" is like a Tyler Perry movie with polish. An ensemble comedy about a wedding that joins a wealthy, Martha's Vineyard family of African-American professionals with the groom's more down-to-Earth working-class. @WallaceHeatNBA Caught 12:01am premier of Jumping The Broom, produced by @BishopJakes. Beautiful movie about true love family faith #amustsee about 4 hours ago @Chris_Broussard I'm co-hosting Mike


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