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\"If this sticks, it's worth about 20 cents off the price at the pump.\" Even if crude oil prices stabilized at Thursday's levels, consumers wouldn't see any immediate effect. \"Crude would have to stay around $100 for five to 10 days before we see gas. The only action in oil prices this week has been down and Thursday's plunge was being viewed by some as the knockout blow. The pace of the decline in oil prices intensified throughout Thursday's trading action, with the price of crude oil declining by. We were looking for a price peak for gold and a relative strength peak for crude oil around the end of April. Following these events the next issue to deal with is whether the US equity markets can hold or rise in the. Crude oil prices Thursday settled at $99.80 per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, the first time prices closed below $100 since mid-March. At midday Friday, the price still was below $100. \"If these price levels stick, it's great news for the. Crude is pushing sharply lower, with prices poised to take out support at the midline of a rising channel that has guided them higher since February 2009. Initial support lines up at $92.98, followed by the channel. Photo / Paul Estcourt Petrol prices are likely to keep climbing past this week's record highs, despite a sudden drop in crude prices yesterday. Some analysts say crude oil prices could rise by as much as double in the next few years, causing related. Crude oil and other commodity prices were down again on Friday in volatile trading, briefly boosted by the much-better-than-expected non-farm payrolls data. Here is a roundup of analysts' views on commodity prices. Ultimately the oil price increases. As crisis and revolution broke out among numerous Middle Eastern countries, oil prices began to skyrocket, because several of these countries were among the top crude-exporting nations on the globe. Oil quickly broke the $100-per-barrel mark and at its. Dannel P. Malloy is taking heat from motorists for considering a plan that raises the state's gas tax by three cents when prices are creeping toward $5 a gallon. By Steven Mufson and and Jon Cohen, Crude oil prices plunged nearly 9 percent on Thursday,. It doesn't take a genius to see that India's current policy of massively subsidizing fuel prices is unsustainable, particularly with global crude oil prices now topping $100, and that the current path could dampen the nation's economic.


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