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A one-day crash in crude oil prices was followed Friday by a brief rally, then renewed selling, which kept futures prices for light, sweet crude below $100 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.. Oil lost yet more ground today after its record rout yesterday as investors continued their stampede out of black gold and a host of other commodities amid worries over global growth. Brent crude fell $2.65 to $108.12 a barrel, off as much as $5 at one. Oil prices are unlikely to derail the recovery, Bullard said. Increases in oil prices like the ones we have recently experienced have occurred many times in the past without seeming to have much effect on the economy, he said at Arkansas Day with the. Make no mistake, these billion-dollar giveaways to Big Oil do nothing, repeat nothing, to lower oil prices. Oil is traded on a global market and each barrel of crude is sold for the same price, regardless of how much its production was subsidized,. Analysts say they're unsure whether the sell-off is more than an aberration that could reverse the 44 days of rising pump prices, USA Today reported. Nationally, a gallon of unleaded regular gasoline averages $3.99, up $1.07 from a year ago. Crude oil. Oil prices fell sharply today, which means gas prices are likely to fall a bit in the short term. In the long term, though, there are a few big reasons to expect higher prices. In China, there's one car or truck for every 14 people.. Although oil prices are up Friday, the recent high-flying Guggenheim Airline ETF (FAA) is continuing to climb higher. It's up 0.8% so far today. Since early April, its shares have rise more than 12%. That outpaces the broader market. A House Republican said Friday that yesterday's sharp drop in oil prices, which fell below $100 per barrel, stemmed from House passage of legislation to speed up Gulf of Mexico oil-and-gas leasing and require leasing. The stock is trading lower today as oil prices fall $0.64 a barrel to $99.16. Technical indicators for the stock are bullish and S


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